• Detailed knowledge of the building site and its resources: rental of machinery, purchase of materials, workers and subcontracted personnel to third parties that help to reduce expenses in the following projects.

  • Minimize work accidents thanks to the geolocation of operators.

  • Alerts creation for remote care of operators in risk areas.

  • Data collection and analysis from all assets to ensure compliance with the deadline for the delivery of the work.

The Use Case description:

Safety is one of the major concerns in the construction sector and where the investments are destined. The objective of reducing accidents that occur in large and small constructions is something that society demands and that, for different companies, has become a critical point.

With the introduction of new technologies in construction, a wide range of options appears and allows to optimize any construction process, save costs and obtain a lot of relevant information about the process in real-time.

Grupo Detector and amplia))) with OpenGate IoT Platform, we have developed a complete system that perfectly integrates technology and construction processes, and focuses on asset management and worker supervision.

This system enables the acquisition of specific and precise data that allows to increase the knowledge of the current and historical work from anywhere. Complex indicators can be obtained such as the percentage of completion of the project based on the material consumed or the number of days carried out; or, simple indicators such as the effective duration of the workday of the workers. These indicators shows the pace of material expenditure, which can lead us to improve inventory management with the associated cost savings. In turn, the use of the machinery we have rented and, therefore, information on the profitability of these assets.

For this purpose, specific devices have been created with long duration batteries that can be associated with both the workers and the assets that want to be monitored. Based on LoRa communication protocol, these devices allow construction sites to obtain information regarding the position of their workers or the height at which they are working for example, and the most important, if any worker are in a risk or prohibited area for worker specific conditions. When this occurs, OpenGate IoT Platform automaticaly warns the worker about that situation to take action.

In conclusion, the objective of this complete solution is to obtain a wide range of measures that, on the one hand feed new or old processes with very valuable information automatically collected in the field; and on the other hand, increase knowledge about the construction process, save costs, construction time and reduce accidents, as well as providing the possibility of making smart decisions for future projects.