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We help our clients design and build the specific solution they need, thanks to our years of experience and skills. We do it in an easy and trouble-free process where we deal with technologies, requirements and devices, and contact the necessary suppliers or partners to collect all the specific resources for the project. Building an IoT platform like OpenGate have allowed us to gather the background and expertise to help you regardless of the maturity level of your IoT project.

Your project with the best IoT experts

Our partners ecosystem and our experience allow us to help you in making critical decisions related to the solution architecture.

Device scouting, certification and onboarding

Tell us exactly what you need and we can guide you to make the right decision by doing the project requirements analysis together.

Presales support

Thanks to amplia))) you can monitor or manage what you need, and the best part, you will do in the most efficient way without unnecessary costs.

We help you to understand the opportunities of IoT in digital transformation

1 IoT Digital Transformation needed

Trust on amplia))) knowledge & expertise on IoT business digitalization for any vertical or sector.

2 IoT business case needs to be implemented

The amplia))) IoT experts team will help you to build your IoT solution thanks to the powerful OpenGate capabilities.

3 Pilot needs to take into production

Consolide, centralize and optimize the industrialization process management with the amplia))) experts team.

Take advantage of OpenGate IoT Platform tools and capabilities to optimize times and reduce costs

We can help you define, design and analyze the set of observable data required to evaluate your solution, your KPIs or business productivity.

Dashboard design and construction

Transform millions of data and information together into useful and friendly panels to analyze the status of your entire solution.

Architecture design

Let us help you identify the critical points related to your business and how to optimize their productivity and costs.

A full-stack team to guide you to meet your objectives in the digitalization world

No matter the sector or vertical, neither the project complication. As part of a continuous evolution world, our IoT experts team daily improve their skills and knowledge to solve your present and future problems.

Tailormade projects

We will build the project together and we teach your team to maintain it.

Embedded agent implementation

Embedded agents design and implementation for devices, communications devices or middleware.


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We seek to boost the growth of Internet of Things technology, invest in innovation and engage with people..