Remote Water Meter Reading: Challenges and Solutions with OpenGate SM

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Remote Water Meter Reading: Challenges and Solutions with OpenGate SM

In the world of water management, remote meter reading presents multiple challenges. The need for accuracy in data collection, efficient communication, and resource optimization is essential to maintain tight economic margins. In this context, our OpenGate SM (Smart Metering) platform stands out as a comprehensive solution that effectively and efficiently addresses these issues.

Challenges in Remote Water Meter Reading

  1. Data Accuracy and Reliability: Collecting measurements from water meters is crucial to ensure accurate billing and water resource management. Errors in reading can lead to significant discrepancies, affecting both distribution companies and consumers.

  2. Multichannel Communication: Water meters communicate directly with the remote reading platform, either directly or through intermediate concentrators. Additionally, communication technologies can vary: NB-IoT, LoRa/LoRaWAN, etc.

  3. Resource Optimization: The battery life of meters and concentrators must be maximized to reduce operational costs and comply with current regulations. This requires intelligent and optimized management of communications and data processing.

The Comprehensive Solution of OpenGate Smart Metering

Our OpenGate SM solution offers an advanced approach to addressing these challenges. Its modular architecture, high configurability, and integration capabilities make OpenGate SM a powerful and versatile tool for remote water meter reading.

  1. Data Collection and Processing: OpenGate SM ensures accurate collection of data from meters and communication elements through its robust device management system. Meters from different manufacturers using various technologies and protocols are integrated and processed by the platform simultaneously and transparently for the end-user.

  2. Allocation Algorithm: OpenGate SM implements an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that optimizes the dynamic assignment of meters to concentrators in local wireless communication solutions. This algorithm considers each meter’s communication capacity to assign them in a way that minimizes resource consumption while ensuring a maximum number of transmitted measurements, thereby extending battery life. This dynamic and automated management ensures efficient and sustainable long-term measurement collection.

  3. Proactive Monitoring and Management: Through its intuitive web interface, OpenGate SM allows users to monitor in real-time the behavior of communication elements and meters. The customizable dashboards in OpenGate enable the detection and resolution of incidents, even preventively: network cell saturation, coverage changes or communication failures, lack of measurements, etc. The ability to respond quickly and accurately to these incidents ensures continuous, agile, and efficient operation.

  4. Exploitation and Export of Consumption Measurements: The collected data is processed and stored in OpenGate, allowing access and analysis through APIs. This facilitates integration with billing systems and other operational processes, ensuring smooth and accurate data management.

Success Story: Aguas de Valencia

Global Omnium trusts OpenGate SM to assist in the comprehensive management of consumption measurements for Aguas de Valencia.

The Aguas de Valencia project exemplifies how OpenGate SM can transform remote water meter reading management. By accurately and efficiently collecting and processing measurements, OpenGate SM facilitates complete integration with the company’s operational processes. Additionally, its ability to manage thousands of devices centrally demonstrates the platform’s scalability and flexibility, allowing clients to focus on their business objectives without worrying about underlying technological complexity.


Remote water meter reading faces significant challenges in terms of accuracy, communication, and resource optimization. OpenGate SM from Amplía Soluciones presents itself as a comprehensive and effective solution capable of addressing these issues with an advanced and automated approach. Its implementation not only ensures accurate data collection but also optimizes operation and extends the life of devices, proving to be an indispensable tool for modern water management.